American Legacy Construction Group, Inc.

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 Provide and install all incoming electrical power including power from 3 generators, Switch gear, 2000 amp bus duct, Sub Pnels and Transformers.
  Kansas City, MO
  Install building automation control system, HVAC control system and lighting. System monitors al critical systems.
  Shawnee, KS
 Fort Leavenworth Lighting Upgrade
 Replace existing fixtures with energy efficient fixtures in 14 buildings in order to help Fort Leavenworth comply with the new "Green" standards. . 
 Fort Leavenworth, KS
 Replace lightning protection, security cameras, and exterior lighting.
 Kansas City, MO
 Verizon Wireless
 Install building automation control system wich monitors all critical systems including HVAC, lights,generators, DC plant, and fire systems.
 Multiple locations including Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Missouri